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Whether you wish to be full-time in the field of hypnosis or simply want to learn for your own personal transformation, our training courses will fulfill all of those needs, and more.

Our courses are easily accessible from Washington DC, Northern VA and Maryland. We are very close to the metro.

Call us today at (301) 717-1207 to complete your no-obligation phone interview and to reserve your space in our next training class.

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Course Flyer

January 2016 Hypnosis Certification Training



Become a Certified Hypnotist!

You will become a “Certified Hypnotist” with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest hypnosis organization in the world. You will be able to choose one of the following titles: Certified Hypnotist (CH), Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), or Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CCH)!

Course Materials

hypnosis course materials

Upon joining the course you will be provided with a full set of materials, including:
  • NGH Course Manuals 1 and 2
  • NGH Practice Building DVD Pack
  • NGH Script Packet
  • Master Marketing Book by Don Mottin
  • Hypnotic Recollections by Dr. Dwight F. Damon
  • Understanding Psychology book
  • Pendulum
  • Student Information Packet
  • One-year membership and Certification with the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • NGH Membership Card
  • 11 X 14 Certificate suitable for framing from the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • 8 1/2 X 11 Certificate suitable for framing from the Washington DC Hypnosis Center
  • The Journal of Hypnotism (4 per year)
  • The Hypno-Gram (4 per year)
  • Tips & Strategies on Building Your Website
  • HYPNOmotivation Success Guide
  • NGH Video Rental Catalog
  • Resources Guide
  • Coffee, tea, and munchies!

Additional bonuses of your certification:

  • Annual Educational Conference
  • Affordable malpractice insurance
  • Group health insurance availability
  • Hotel and auto rental discounts
  • Top-quality legislative action and alerts
  • Client referrals by way of computer listing
  • Discounts off books, tapes, and videos
  • Local chapter networking and education
  • Continuing education
  • Video and audio tape rental library for members only
  • Professional Advice from Guest Speakers (most classes)

Want More Information?

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Fill out this form to request more information about the Professional Hypnosis Certification Training.

Hypnosis Class Curriculum


  • Creating a System of Belief
  • Defining Terms
  • Dispelling Misconceptions and Fears
  • The Mind Model
  • Dangers of Hypnosis
  • Brain Chemistry and States
  • Utilizing what they give you
  • Pre-Induction Interview
  • Pre-Suggestibility Exercises
  • Hypnotherapist Responsibilities
  • The “Poseidon Diagram”
  • Abreactions
  • Laws of the Mind: The rules of how the mind is governed
  • Suggestion Formulation


  • Dave Elman Induction (Somnambulism)
  • Phillips-Elman Induction
  • Eye Fixation
  • Muscle Tension Relaxation Induction
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Post-Hypnotic Reinduction Triggers
  • Repeat Eye Closure
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


  • Breathing Deepener
  • Dial Deepener
  • Esdaile State, Hypnotic Coma State
  • Fractionation
  • Number Counting Deepener
  • Sounds Around You Patter
  • Staircase Deepener
  • Emerging from Hypnosis
  • Emerging from Abreaction Patter
  • Coma Threat


  • Finger Magnet
  • Hand Magnet
  • Hand Clasp
  • Arm Levitation and Lowering (Balloon and Dictionary)
  • Arm Stiffening
  • Pendulum Ideomotor Acton
  • Postural Sway
  • Muscular Relaxation
  • Finger Ideomotor Action
  • The Lemon Game
  • Thirst Hallucination
  • Eye Closure
  • Spiegel Eye Roll
  • Hand-Tingling
  • Arm Lowering
  • Arm Levitation
  • Eye Catalepsy
  • Leg Catalepsy
  • Name Amnesia / Lips Catalepsy
  • Stuttering
  • Name Amnesia / Name Change
  • Hand Shaking
  • Fastening a Stick to Hands
  • Impossible to Sit
  • Impossible to Stand
  • Putting it All Together into Sequences


  • Phillips Arm Pull Induction
  • Clasped Hands
  • Drop Back Induction
  • Finger Snap Induction
  • Shock Inductions
  • Finger and Thumb Shake Technique
  • Hand Drop Induction
  • Handshake Interrupt
  • Pencil Drop Rapid Induction
  • Rapid Hands Together Method
  • Converting Suggestibility Effects into Speed Hypnosis Inductions


  • Level One (Eyelid Catalepsy)
  • Level Two (Arm Catalepsy)
  • Level Three (Inability to Articulate)
  • Level Four (Suggested Amnesia)
  • Level Five (Positive Hallucination)
  • Level Six (Negative Hallucination)


  • Age Progression
  • Age Regression
  • Amnesia
  • Dissociation
  • Negative Hallucination
  • Positive Hallucination
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Sensory Distortion
  • Time Distortion

Advanced Strategies Included in Your Course

  • Introduction to NLP and HNLP Skills
  • We are the only center in the Washington DC Metro area that teaches Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, and Hypnosis all in one convenient location.

  • Effective Business and Marketing Information
  • You will learn useful and strategic business skills for making the journey to being a professional hypnotist. Learn how to be successful without taking a separate marketing or business course.

  • Instant and Rapid Inductions
  • Your main instructor, Taylor Sherman, developed the world’s first Home Study Course for Instant and Rapid Inductions, and is the area’s foremost expert on these techniques.

  • Hypnotize with Certainty and Confidence
  • We will show you through a set of convincer and deepening techniques how to ensure that the person is in a hypnotic state, so you can be confident that the person is in a state of hypnosis.

  • The Power Intake
  • Previous classes have remarked on how this section has changed their lives. Having spent many years learning the proper strategies for an effective client intake and pre-talk, we bring those strategies to you.

  • Instant Self-Hypnosis™
  • We will teach you how to go into a powerful self-hypnotic state in only a few seconds.

  • Pain Relief with Hypnosis
  • Learn how to create hypnotic anesthesia and analgesia with several easy-to-apply techniques.

  • The Ultra-Deep States
  • Go deeper in hypnosis than you may have ever thought possible, creating full-body catalepsy and unconscious ideomotor responses.

  • Ericksonian Metaphors for Change
  • Learn the metaphorical basis for Milton Erickson’s work as a hypnotist from an inside-out perspective.

Bonus Materials

In addition to the standard NGH materials, you will receive:
  • An exclusive resource CD packed with information and knowledge

  • An instructional video and guide on how to create your own custom hypnosis audio CDs

  • Outlines for Talks and Events: How to become a Master Public Speaker

  • Additional scripts and articles for your continued learning

  • Continual Support, Coaching, and Guidance

  • Invitations to Guest Speakers and Events

  • Exclusive discounts for additional hypnosis and NLP certifications, along with continuing education events

Our Training Format

You will become a Certified Hypnotist either in a 5 week 100-hour training every other weekend (equivalent to 2 college semesters), or in an 8-day intensive (when offered). Our trainings are generally on the weekends.

This is an experiential class where you will both be taught the technical details and you will develop the skills through quite a bit of practice with others. We use Brain-Based Teaching and Training techniques to facilitate both conscious and unconscious integration.

Our Location:
Our top-quality training classroom in North Bethesda, MD has multiple break-out rooms. With 3,200 square feet it has more than enough space to not disturb the neighbors when hypnotizing (a challenge in “hotel” style classrooms). It is metro-accessible and convenient to I-495 and I-270.

What Makes Our Training Unique:
We base our training on a track-record of success and experience. We run two successful offices in Alexandria, VA and Rockville, MD.

You will learn the most up-to-date knowledge of hypnosis, including how to reliably and safely perform instant and rapid inductions, a subject that most hypnosis trainers are secretly afraid of.

You will also receive additional materials, recordings, audios, and expert feedback, valued at well over $1,000.

Hypnosis Training Dates

Hypnosis Training Dates for January 2016:
Level 1: January 8th, 9th, and 10th
Level 2: January 23rd and 24th
Level 3: January 30th and 31st

All training dates are on weekends (Friday-Sunday) so if you have a busy schedule, you can still come! Trainings usually begin at 9 or 10 AM, and end at 5 or 6 PM.

Schedule conflict with one of the listed dates? Contact us to find out if you can still attend.

What The Students Are Saying

“Taylor, I wanted to thank you for the fantastic training you provided. When my husband asked me about taking hypnosis training I recommended he take it from you. I think that your skills as a hypnotherapist and as a teacher are excellent.”

– Johanna S. from Maryland *  
“The Hypnosis Certification Training offered by the Washington DC Hypnosis Center was my first exposure to the world of Hypnosis. Irit and Taylor’s teaching style, knowledge and understanding of the subject matter developed in me a curiosity that makes me want to know more. Their lucid examples and the bonus inductions have accelerated my level of learning beyond all my expectations. They competently and clearly answered all our questions.

Irit and Taylor complement each other very well. I haven’t heard of a Hypnosis training in the DC Area where you get two full-time hypnosis practitioners teaching.”

– S.M., Springfield, VA *  
“Professional, Personal, Practical, Results…

I had been interested in hypnosis training for some time, and was ready to fly and attend a class out west, when I found a course here local with Irit Horn and Taylor Sherman at Washington DC Hypnosis. My phone call inquiry was replied to promptly and following a conversation with Irit and meeting with Taylor, I attended the course in MAR-APR13. After the first class, I knew I had made the right decision.

The hypnosis training classes are a fantastic professional foundation leading to a Hypnosis Certification. Not only is the course practical, with hands-on hypnosis the first day through each and every class (plus homework), but also personal – with Irit and Taylor taking additional time to work and share with the class and each student.

The instructors work well together and complement each other in their interests and views. Having both of them (along with special guests) support the course was invaluable. I went home after each class mentally exhausted yet completely motivated with the information and techniques to be exercised between classes. Confidence and knowledge grew exponentially.

A unique aspect of this training course was the varied backgrounds, insights and experiences brought by the students. Class participation and practice is essential and encouraged and through this, a close rapport was developed that has led to continued friendships and professional connections.

Irit and Taylor expressed their intense passion for hypnosis with the class as a method, technique and tool to change lives and it was addictive. I personally witnessed and experienced sessions myself, seeing immediate, profound results. Completion of this course brought not only a professional hypnosis certification, but new friends, mentors, and a pursuit of excellence with hypnosis.

If you are interested in professional training or are in need of help with life’s challenges, I highly recommended you contact Washington DC Hypnosis.”

– Christopher Holmes, CH *  
“I recently completed the second series of hypnosis classes which lead to certification at the Washington DC Hypnosis Center.

Unlike most training courses offered, this course has consisted of at least 8 hours of intensive hands-on training each day by professional Hypnotists. Nothing is held back — the trainers give lesson after lesson using the class participants to illustrate a specific technique.

After a technique is covered, the class participants employ the technique, and are then critiqued by the trainers. In this way, each of us have been able to place someone in hypnosis since the first day!

Between classes, participants are required to practice and hone the skills we have learned. In addition to the primary Hypnotists, we have received training from out-of-state, world-class trainers who participated in a portion of the session.

I am always skeptical of things I can’t see, smell or feel. After attending these classes, I now realize how powerful these techniques can be AND how talented the folks at the Washington DC Hypnosis Center really are!!

Without reservation, I recommend that you seek assistance from the Center if you need help in one of the many areas in which they work.

– Robert L., Arlington, VA *  
“Having already completed two other hypnosis classes, I started the hypnosis course with Taylor and I am extremely impressed with the work. On the first day I realized that I got a much better understanding of the hypnotic process and my skills skyrocketed with each and every additional day of the course.”

– Ulrike Louis, CHt, Dentist *
“I attended the Hypnosis Training Class from January to March 2011. It was an outstanding experience! I was exposed to a new field by instructors who were knowledgeable, committed and interested in sharing their experience and wisdom. They created a level of safety and trust. They encouraged each participant to take risks while making sure that we were in a supportive setting!

The training was hands on, and at the same time we had the opportunity to apply theories to reality. The Washington D.C. Hypnosis Center did an outstanding job putting it all together. All participants were very committed practitioners at different levels of expertise.

As one of the newcomers in the field I felt included and respected by instructors and peers. I have been able to incorporate the concepts and ideas with my own clientele with success. I highly recommend this training. Taylor and Irit: Keep up the good work!”

– Ana Cuilan, MA, LPC *
“Last Fall (2011) I attended the Washington Hypnosis Center’s NGH Certification Hypnosis Training, which encompassed three levels over the course of seven intense weekends. Irit had told me when I first inquired about the training that this course would go far beyond the realm or scope of any other training, and over the course of the next few months I saw how right she was.

Passion and Expertise: One of the most notable things about this training is the incredible passion and expertise that Taylor and Irit bring to Hypnosis, which truly is an art. They clearly love what they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. They made me want to hypnotize as many people as possible to test out the new techniques we learned and read every book out there on the subject, immersing myself as fully as possible. There was not a question they could not answer thoroughly. Their experience and confidence was always reassuring.

Depth and Breadth of the Material: Although at times the sheer volume of information felt a little overwhelming, Taylor went far beyond the required material to expose us to techniques that he has mastered over the course of the last decade. For example, in addition to the standard hypnotic inductions, such as Dave Elman, Dr. Flowers, Michael Newton – he taught us dozens of instant induction techniques, and clear understanding about how and when to use them. We practiced them frequently and discovered on our own which techniques worked best for us. Most trainings do not even teach instant inductions – much less make their students so fluent in utilizing them.

Regression therapy is another example of how this training goes above and beyond. Regression is Taylor and Irit’s specialty. To see them in action and learn and practice this incredibly powerful technique under their guidance felt like the hypnotic equivalent of being able to travel to Florence in the 1400s and study sculpture with Michelangelo.

One-on-One Attention: We were assigned (a lot of) homework after the first weekend and Irit checked in on me during the following week to see how I was doing, as well as at other times throughout the training. Despite their busy schedules, Taylor and Irit were always available for questions “off hours” and made it clear that their students and our learning were a top priority for them.

One day after a practice with another student had brought up some old issues, Irit offered to give me a (free) one-on-one session after class to work through it. What ensued was probably the most intense and powerful therapeutic session I’ve ever had (and believe me, I’ve done it all!). Symbolic images were connected, pent-up emotions were released, and I was able to forgive my parents and myself for things I hadn’t even been consciously aware of previously. Since the session, I have experienced a notable improvement in the symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Other Bonuses: There were lots of little “extras” throughout the program, such as a full array of morning and afternoon snacks and a resource library. Most notably, Taylor and Irit provided several opportunities outside of class for us to practice and improve our Hypnosis skills. We were allowed to attend the Weight Loss group sessions, which are extremely useful for understanding the do’s and don’ts of Hypnosis in this context and to observe how this work is done with real clients. We were also given the opportunity to conduct short personal Hypnosis sessions with clients before and/or after the group sessions for extra practice. They are also currently looking at other options to help us get as much bona fide practice and paid work as possible post-training.

And that is the essence of what I believe truly sets this training apart from others: the fact that Taylor and Irit truly care about our progress and are fully invested in each of us becoming confident, capable Hypnotists. They expected a lot from us, but supported us and made us want to live up to those expectations. They see that our success is a reflection of theirs, and the relationship they have fostered will endure far beyond the scope of the four month training. I feel truly grateful to for this, and am very happy that I chose to do my certification training at the Washington Hypnosis Center.”

– Jennifer Ludders *
“My partner and I attended hypnosis training in the fall of 2011 at the Washington Hypnosis Center. Our business deals with mental health, organizational development, and employee assistance. We had done research on other trainings before we chose Irit and Taylor. We recognized something in their voices that drew us to them – something we didn’t hear from others. On the first day of class we could immediately feel their passion for what they were doing.

That passion is what makes them stand out and what made the whole experience of learning hypnosis educational, enlightening, challenging, and humbling. It wasn’t just the learning, it was putting that learning into an application and practice that we could use in supporting our business of working with people.

Though challenging, there is no better teacher than experience. Irit and Taylor had an expectation that we practice hypnosis in between each class. That expectation and encouragement helped us to understand the information we were getting in class and also explained why it’s important when you apply hypnotic techniques. They were always more than willing to share their experiences and expertise, and also to build our confidence throughout the duration of the training.

We are very grateful for the relationship we formed with Irit and Taylor and with Washington Hypnosis Center. It is truly an experience that has changed our lives and most of all improved our business toolbox. We are better because of it and therefore better at helping others to be the best that they can be in life.”

– Dodie Gill, LPC, LSATP, CEAP, BCETS, BHC, and Gary Randle, CEAP, LAP-C, BHC *
“Before I became a student, I was a client. One of many, who are out there carrying our very own suitcase without handle – pity to throw away, heavy to carry. The baggage, which I collected and cherished throughout the years – pain, believes, habits, anger, frustration, hate and again pain, fear, doubts, regrets about what I did, regrets about what i did not do and again pain. The word hypnosis meant to me only what I knew from stage: volunteers pet an invisible animal, search for things then supposedly lost or failed to stand up from the chair because their backs were glued with super glue to the back of the chair.

Hesitantly I arrived at the office of Washington DC Hypnosis Center ready to prove to myself and to the rest of the world that this “treatment” will not help me as well, as did not the help of many other doctors, traditional and not-so-traditional. What “talk” therapy did not by far accomplish in a year, Irit and Taylor accomplished in 6 sessions. I waved goodbye to my baggage as it drifted away never to come back.

Then came the time when literally I woke up noticing things around me, that I never knew existed. They had color and shape, taste and texture, but most of all those things were fun, they were LIFE and its components. I started gravitating towards books that had everything to do with human’s feelings and emotions and how we can control and influence them, and as a result influence the outcome of any situation. Books about the nature of trance, meditations and hypnosis appeared on my book shelf, followed by a phone call from Irit Horn, asking me if I want to continue our journey together and to experience what it is like to be on the other chair, the chair of Healer. My hesitation lasted for about 3 sec. In several days I started a second chapter of my self-discovery.

Along this journey I have met great people with their stories to tell, with their paths to travel. But we all had one common goal in mind – to learn to help ourselves in order to help others. With excellent guide we were led to the dark corners of our subconscious mind, explored the twists and turns of our learned reactions to certain triggers, constantly unlearned and re-learned ways of communicating with ourselves and the world and of course learned a lot and more useful tools to be armed and ready to deal with whatever life brings us and the ones we will help in the future.

The atmosphere of learning was such a comfortable one, that it became my second home. Food was provided not only for the brain, but for the stomach as well. During the lessons on such a serious matter there was always time and pace for jokes. Training with one a another was an amazing opportunity not only to master techniques, but to become closer with those who were moving towards the common goal.

Now when the studies are compete and NGH certificate occupies its place of honor on the wall, the ties with my mentors are not lost. Phone calls and text messages early in the morning before her first client and late at night after the last are always the reminder that we are remembered and valued, loved and supported

I am happy to have met you, guys. What happens in my life now is a tribute to you.

Sincerely and always yours, Kate”
– Kate E., Georgetown *

Course Investment

All the tuition options include:
1) Comprehensive training materials and manuals,
2) A course certificate suitable for framing,
4) Your first year’s membership in the NGH, and
3) Additional materials valued at over $1,000.

Coffee, tea, water, and snacks/refreshments are also provided, along with other surprises that will be revealed in the course.

Payment Plan Option? Contact us for details.

Already Certified? If you are currently certified with the NGH, IMDHA, or IACT and have attended an approved in-person certification course, you can attend the training for only $1195*.

Course Registration: $1995 (All-inclusive)

Early Bird: $1795 – $295 down, $1500 paid 1 month before the training.

Super Early Bird: $1695 – $295 down, $1400 paid 2 months before the training.

Combination tuition

If you sign up for the Hypnosis Training and the (H)NLP Training at the same time, we offer combination pricing.

Combo Pricing: $650 down and $3345 paid 1 month before your first training gets you an unbelievable 17 days of training, full materials included, and the following certifications: Certified Hypnotist, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Practitioner of NLP, Certified Practitioner of HNLP.

Your deposit for all options saves your seat, and if not applied to the current training, can be used for any Washington DC Hypnosis Center products, sessions, or future trainings we instruct for up to 2 years.

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Washington DC Hypnosis – Our Location

Our Maryland Hypnosis office is conveniently located in Rockville, Maryland.

Washington DC Hypnosis Center
6169 Executive Blvd.
Rockville, Maryland 20852
(301) 717-1207

Washington DC Hypnosis Center Outside Photo

Located in “The Executive” Office Park on Executive Blvd., Close to Old Georgetown Road and Montrose Pkwy.

Once you enter “The Executive” office park, park near the steps and walk up the steps in order to reach our office. We are the third office on the left, and our office has a red door. We also have a wheelchair-accessible pathway.

Our location is metro-acccessible from the White Flint Metro Station on the Red Line. We are near I-495 and I-270, and you can easily reach our location from Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and other parts of Maryland.

There is abundant free parking in our office complex, especially on nights and weekends.


Driving Directions from the South; Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Fairfax, Tyson’s Corner, and Loudoun County:
1) Take I-495 North
2) Optionally, Take George Washington Parkway North and Merge Onto I-495 North
3) Turn left onto MD-187 North / Old Georgetown Rd
4) After 2.4 Miles, turn left onto Executive Blvd
5) In a quarter of a mile, turn right into “The Executive.”
6) Park near the entrance. Go up the stairs, and we are on your left. Our office has a red door.

Driving Directions from Washington DC:
1) Head northwest on MD-185 N/Connecticut Ave
2) Merge onto I-495 W
3) Take exit 36 to merge onto Old Georgetown Road toward Rockville
4) After 2.5 miles, turn left onto Executive Blvd.
5) In a quarter of a mile, turn right into “The Executive.”
6) Park near the entrance. Go up the stairs, and we are on your left. Our office has a red door.

Driving Directions from the North; Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Olney:
1) Head southeast on I-270 S
2) Take exit 4A toward Montrose Rd, East
3) Bear right onto Montrose Pkwy
4) In half a mile, turn right onto E. Jefferson St.
5) The office complex will be on your left (see photos). Make a left turn into the office complex.
6) Parking lot directions: follow the parking lot until it stops; take a right keep going right until you turn into a lot of parking spaces that is slightly elevated.
7) Follow the pathway on your left to our center.
8) Our office will be on your right, and has a red door.

Driving Directions from the East; Baltimore, Laurel:
1) Head southwest on I-95 S
2) Take exit 27 to merge onto I-495 W
3) Slight right onto I-270 N
4) Take exit 1A for MD-187 / Old Georgetown Road
5) After 2.5 miles, turn left onto Executive Blvd.
6) In a quarter of a mile, turn right into “The Executive.”
7) Park near the entrance. Go up the stairs, and we are on your left. Our office has a red door.

Driving Directions from Potomac:
1) Head north on MD-189 N/Falls Road
2) Turn right onto Montrose Rd
3) Bear right onto Montrose Pkwy
4) In half a mile, turn right onto E. Jefferson St.
5) The office complex will be on your left (see photos). Make a left turn into the office complex.
6) Parking lot directions: follow the parking lot until it stops; take a right keep going right until you turn into a lot of parking spaces that is slightly elevated.
7) Follow the pathway on your left to our center.
8) Our office will be on your right, and has a red door.

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*Refresher course option subject to approval of acceptable credentials and instructor approval. If getting the refresher rate, NGH course materials, manuals, certificate, and first year’s membership are not included. These items may be added with advance notice for a nominal fee.

If you belong to another organization or have attended another class not listed, contact us for consideration of the refresher rate.

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