Corporate Mindfulness

What you should know about developing smarter teams

The difference that makes the difference

Effective teams have key things in common – at least four key imperatives. Top organizations have clear-cut objectives, they have their systems and processes aligned with those objectives, their members are engaged, and they have high levels of trust.

The organizations that have these four things in common are innovative, they are productive, and they seem to be doing well. Those that don’t have these essential behaviors aren’t doing that great – people are just showing up.

The difference between having and not having these four imperatives in your organization is a mindset and paradigm shift that comes from the inside.

“You can pay employees to give their backs and hands, but they volunteer their hearts and brains.”
– Dr. Stephen R. Covey

These essentials represent a core set of ideals that make the difference in whether a team is effective at reaching its goals, or if it seems to never quite get there – no matter how many resources are thrown at it.

Competencies for today’s worker

A handful of highly evolved organizations have figured out that more training, more information, and even more technology aren’t yielding the desired results in their organization.

Traditional lectures, workshops, online courses, and other solely cognitive activities aren’t helping workers who are already dealing with information overload.

Instead, these workers need a new, transformational paradigm that relies on experience, not mere knowledge.

Organizations need employees who can navigate in chaos, complexity,
volatility, and uncertainty.

One way we help organizations do just this is to help its employees manage stress more effectively.

When this happens, it allows for behavioral changes that promote new thinking—thinking that enables them to readily grasp and exercise the qualities the organization values and needs to thrive. It results in cohesive high performance not unlike a flock of birds or school of fish who work in concert as one body to achieve extraordinary results using:

  • Insight
  • Resilience
  • Confidence
  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Trust
  • Agility
  • Collaboration
  • Emotional Intelligence

Today’s organizations require new competencies and new thinking to succeed.

When companies engage us, I identify through a confidential and anonymous survey how the organization or team ranks on several key factors that the research has shown is significant in developing a better working team.

After getting the results of this survey we will explore together how to make your team more cohesive and adaptable, resulting in an increase in productivity and bottom line results.

To schedule your survey and assessment, contact us today.

SleepTalk® Certification with Joane Goulding

SleepTalk® for Children 4-Day Certification Program
The Goulding Protocol with Joane Goulding

July 11th-14th

Rockville, MD

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What is SleepTalk®?

The Goulding SleepTalk® process is the two minute gift you give your children that lasts a lifetime.

The Goulding SleepTalk® process is easy to learn, takes parents only a few minutes daily at bedtime, and it can’t be “done wrong”. It’s absolutely safe, ethical and positive. SleepTalk® is for people who are looking for a simple, non-intrusive self-esteem and behaviour change process for children that can help parents achieve what they want most – happy children and happy families.

The process is about developing a child’s emotional resilience, the mind’s firewall, which protects against negative suggestions; much like a firewall on a computer protects it from outside interference and damage.

Join Joane Goulding, the creator of SleepTalk®, and Gary Johnson, an expert on Psycho-Nutrition, who are coming all the way from Australia to Washington DC for this exciting workshop.

Be one of the first to use this proven system…

This is the very first SleepTalk® Consultant Training to be held in the United States!

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for those who wish to work with parents of children or learning the process for their own children. As part of the course you will become a Certified Goulding SleepTalk® Consultant.

You may be interested in this course if:

  • You are a parent and wish to give your children the “2 minute gift that lasts a lifetime”
  • You are a social worker, counselor, or therapist working with parents or children
  • You are a medical doctor or psychiatrist who wishes to provide your patients with another tool for health
  • You are a hypnotist, NLP practitioner, or life coach interested in how this can improve your skills and your practice

About Joane Goulding

1420Joane is the director of The Goulding Institute and in 2011 was awarded the title: Hypnotherapist Emeritus by the PCHA. She is a Life Member of the AACHP and the ASCH. Since 1974 Joane has specialized in the biopsychosocial aspect of stress and mind management. Professional qualifications include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Psychotherapy, Psycho-nutrition, Training and Assessment Systems.

For many years Joane was a Director of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science, a Registered Training Organization (RTO). She was the author of the 2 year government accredited Diploma of Health: Clinical Hypnotherapy and is currently registered on the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register.

Joane is an international lecturer, a published author and creator of the Goulding SleepTalk® for Children process. She has been an invited guest speaker in the China, UK, USA, Singapore and NZ.

About Gary Johnson

Gary Johnston has had 35 years of clinical experience in mental health, anxiety disorders, relationships and communication strategies, all backed by over 50 years research.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Social Science, a Graduate Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and is a Master Timeline Therapy Practitioner. He is a Director of The Goulding Institute and GMF International, and a former director of the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register and President of the Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists. He is author of “The Neuro-Com Program”, “Creating the Ideal Relationship”, and “The I-Virus: Destroyer of Humanity”.

Gary now spends most of his time writing and training mental health practitioners all over the world.


I now have a little boy who is happy.
“The change in him is unbelievable and I am so grateful to Joane who developed the SleepTalk process because I now have my beautiful little boy back and I now have the opportunity to help other parents out there that are struggling with their children too.

So whether your children have huge issues or just little ones or really none at all SleepTalk is a powerful process, so powerful that this stuff should be sent home with all new mums, imagine a world full of children who know that they are loved unconditionally and who look at the world through eyes of positivity and self-belief knowing that they are good enough, that they fit in and that they are OK.”
Charmaine Eykenboom – Parent & Consultant in Training, 2013

Gave me the confidence to believe in myself
“I wanted to say thanks again, the course was fascinating and I can’t put my training manual down! I want to learn as much as I can about SleepTalk. It was a little daunting at first when I saw the wealth of experience around the room but you made me feel like I was just as important which gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

As you may notice by the time I am up at the crack of dawn, I have my first consultation at 9.00am with a family in desperate need of help to which I am very glad to be able to share my knowledge of SleepTalk.”
– Claire Bossons – Consultant in Training

It had quite a profound effect on me on an emotional level.
“I really want you to know how much I personally appreciated your Sleep Talk training and education. It had quite a profound effect on me on an emotional level. The idea that we as adults have the opportunity to heal the subconscious hidden trauma of our children without them actually being aware that they have a problem excites me.

Once again, thank you Joane, you are a most engaging, passionate teacher and I hope to do further training with you in the future. My love and gratitude.”
– 2013 NSW Student

The 3 Step Certification Process

By attending all 4 days of the class and being deemed competed upon receipt of the required case history assignments, you will become an accredited Goulding SleepTalk® Consultant.

You will receive an invitation to register and post your professional details onto the International Goulding SleepTalk® Consultants Register which is sponsored by the Goulding Institute.

The dates for the July course are:
Level 1: Friday, July 11
Level 2: Saturday, July 12
Level 3: Sunday, July 13th and Monday July 14th

Goals of the Course

For the benefits to the child from using SleepTalk®, click here: Benefits to the Child

Here are the Goals of the SleepTalk™ course:

  • Analyze the framework of the Goulding SleepTalk™ process.
  • Discuss the rationale behind the use of the Goulding SleepTalk™ process.
  • Describe the basic considerations and assumptions of the Goulding SleepTalk™ process.
  • Identify, discuss and analyze the ‘Legacy Tree’.
  • Discuss the therapeutic approach to resolving basic and primary issues and identifying brain wave frequencies:
  • Identify different brain wave frequencies that occur throughout the sleeping cycle.
  • Evaluate the relevancy and explain the Goulding ‘Top Hat’ theory.
  • Discuss the ‘RAS’ relevant to different brain wave frequency.
  • Assess the appropriateness and application of specific suggestions.
  • Describe the ‘Foundation Process’.
  • Evaluate the relevancy and analyze SleepTalk™ feedback statements.
  • Apply concepts and principles of waking suggestion and the rationale for presenting SleepTalk™ each night.
  • Outline a frame of reference which will provide the desired changes in behavior.
  • Distinguish appropriate suggestions.
  • Formulate specific content of the ‘SleepTalk™ Foundation’ script.
  • Propose and implement a process which integrates desired changes of behavior in a child.
  • Formulate specific content of the ‘SleepTalk™ Primary area on need’ script.
  • Propose and implement a process which will provide desired changes of behavior in a child.
  • Describe how psycho-nutrition affects the relationship between the body and the mind and its relevance to a child’s behavior, levels of stress and/or anxiety.

Bonus Presentation: Practical Strategies of the Neuro-Com Relationships Model, by Gary Johnson

We spend most of our lives dealing with relationships and communicating with others. For something that is so fundamental to our personal, family and business lives, why are the statistics on stable relationships so dismal? In this presentation we will look at some of the more interesting statistical research and how that impacts our view of the world.

We will look at relationships from a point of view of the Neuro-Com Mind Model and provide a proven multivariate model that explains all the possibilities and downsides of our connections and communications with others, with our children and business relationships. Gary will explore the role of pre-mature cognitive commitment to behaviors that affect how we communicate and connect with others, and why normal methods of couples or relationship counseling rarely provide a long term sustainable outcome.

And finally we will explore the methodology and communication techniques required to create and maintain ideal relationships, whether they be personal, family or business. You will be provided with precise evaluation and intervention tools that are invaluable in your practice or for your personal situations.

In-Depth Course Outlines

For learning outcomes, resource requirements, and assessment strategies along with detailed outlines of each course unit, contact us.

You can download the full course synopsis here: Full Course Synopsis


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Tuition Options

Course includes:

  • The full 4 days of training
  • Course evaluation and certification
  • Full course manuals
  • Case history follow ups
  • Healthy snacks and refreshments

Payment Plans Available, call us at 301-717-1207 or e-mail for details

Course Tuition and Certification is $789.

Sign Up Now

Download the Course Application

Enter your name, email, and phone number below to request more information or sign up for the Goulding SleepTalk® Certification workshop.

Washington DC Hypnosis – Our Location

Our Maryland Hypnosis office is conveniently located in Rockville, Maryland.

Washington DC Hypnosis Center
6169 Executive Blvd.
Rockville, Maryland 20852
(301) 717-1207

Washington DC Hypnosis Center Outside Photo

Located in “The Executive” Office Park on Executive Blvd., Close to Old Georgetown Road and Montrose Pkwy.

Once you enter “The Executive” office park, park near the steps and walk up the steps in order to reach our office. We are the third office on the left, and our office has a red door. We also have a wheelchair-accessible pathway.

Our location is metro-acccessible from the White Flint Metro Station on the Red Line. We are near I-495 and I-270, and you can easily reach our location from Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and other parts of Maryland.

There is abundant free parking in our office complex, especially on nights and weekends.


Driving Directions from the South; Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Fairfax, Tyson’s Corner, and Loudoun County:
1) Take I-495 North
2) Optionally, Take George Washington Parkway North and Merge Onto I-495 North
3) Turn left onto MD-187 North / Old Georgetown Rd
4) After 2.4 Miles, turn left onto Executive Blvd
5) In a quarter of a mile, turn right into “The Executive.”
6) Park near the entrance. Go up the stairs, and we are on your left. Our office has a red door.

Driving Directions from Washington DC:
1) Head northwest on MD-185 N/Connecticut Ave
2) Merge onto I-495 W
3) Take exit 36 to merge onto Old Georgetown Road toward Rockville
4) After 2.5 miles, turn left onto Executive Blvd.
5) In a quarter of a mile, turn right into “The Executive.”
6) Park near the entrance. Go up the stairs, and we are on your left. Our office has a red door.

Driving Directions from the North; Frederick, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Olney:
1) Head southeast on I-270 S
2) Take exit 4A toward Montrose Rd, East
3) Bear right onto Montrose Pkwy
4) In half a mile, turn right onto E. Jefferson St.
5) The office complex will be on your left (see photos). Make a left turn into the office complex.
6) Parking lot directions: follow the parking lot until it stops; take a right keep going right until you turn into a lot of parking spaces that is slightly elevated.
7) Follow the pathway on your left to our center.
8) Our office will be on your right, and has a red door.

Driving Directions from the East; Baltimore, Laurel:
1) Head southwest on I-95 S
2) Take exit 27 to merge onto I-495 W
3) Slight right onto I-270 N
4) Take exit 1A for MD-187 / Old Georgetown Road
5) After 2.5 miles, turn left onto Executive Blvd.
6) In a quarter of a mile, turn right into “The Executive.”
7) Park near the entrance. Go up the stairs, and we are on your left. Our office has a red door.

Driving Directions from Potomac:
1) Head north on MD-189 N/Falls Road
2) Turn right onto Montrose Rd
3) Bear right onto Montrose Pkwy
4) In half a mile, turn right onto E. Jefferson St.
5) The office complex will be on your left (see photos). Make a left turn into the office complex.
6) Parking lot directions: follow the parking lot until it stops; take a right keep going right until you turn into a lot of parking spaces that is slightly elevated.
7) Follow the pathway on your left to our center.
8) Our office will be on your right, and has a red door.

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Session Forms – Full

Forms for your session

To download the forms for your session, Contact Us and we will send them to you.

Session Forms

(PDF Download. To save to your computer, right click and click “Save As” on a Windows machine, or Control-Click on Mac)

Please print out the forms and bring them with you to the session.

If you have any questions you can call us at 301-717-1207.

Thank you for choosing the Washington DC Hypnosis Center.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Do you ever feel that your thoughts and emotions control you, rather than you controlling them?

For some people it is a daily pattern to have general feelings of anxiousness or nervousness, with no visible reason. Others experience anxiousness in certain situations, such as public speaking, dating, or test taking.

Whichever the situation, feelings of anxiety always have one thing in common: They are fears of something happening in the future. Some of these fears may be completely unconscious, and they “run” so fast in your mind that you aren’t even aware of them.

The great news is that a person who has anxiety also must have a great imagination! In order to have that nervousness about something that may or may not happen in the future, you have to imagine it. Because your imagination is activated, this makes you a perfect candidate for hypnosis.

With hypnosis, we will now begin to show you how to use your imagination in constructive and positive ways, not the negative ways of the past. You will learn how to trust the process and to just let go.

Speak with one of our Hypnotists

If you would like to sign up for our program or if you have any questions, fill out this form and one of our hypnotists will call you back.

Hypnosis for Golf

Hypnosis for Golf

Who else wants to lower their handicap and to learn the mental game of Golf?

Our Golf Improvement programs can help you to become more efficient athletically.

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2 Group Sessions + Free CD for $79

Expires July 31st, 2012

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Weight Loss – New

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

We offer several hypnosis programs for losing weight and for maintaining that weight loss.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

This is not another Diet!

Through the effects of hypnosis, you’ll eat less of the foods that you are currently eating, and you will have an increased desire to move your body.

When you don’t feel that “pressure” to keep eating beyond what might be normal or natural for you, you’ll find the pounds melt off and you’ll have an increased sense of energy and a general sense of well-being.

Call us to discuss on the phone.

703-779-9616 for Northern Virginia, or 301-717-1207 for Maryland.

How Hypnosis Can Help

Through the effects of hypnosis, you’ll eat less of the foods that you are currently eating, and you will have an increased desire to move your body.

When you don’t feel that “pressure” to keep eating beyond what might be normal or natural for you, you’ll find the pounds melt off and you’ll have an increased sense of energy and a general sense of well-being.

Details of our Weight Loss Programs

Choose the program that works for you.

‣ Group Sessions

For a large group atmosphere, our group sessions are great for those who work well in group settings and who are trying out hypnosis. These sessions tend to be inexpensive and something you can do over and over, however you must be available at the times the group meets, and the suggestions given are the same for everyone who comes.

If you are a “typical” weight reduction client, of which perhaps 40% of people we see fit into this category, then group sessions will work well for you. We recommend these group sessions either as your first introduction to hypnosis, or as something to do as reinforcement after the deeper work has been done.

‣ Advanced Group

The Advanced Group was created to serve the crowd of people who want to go deeper in a group setting. This isn’t possible in a normal group because it’s a different crowd every time and some are new. However in the Advanced Group, you move through the process as a group, and you will get to experience deep and powerful changes as each person will get to transform their issues, challenges, or blockages. This allows a closer connection to those people in your group, and you get to see the real results that happen from week to week.

‣ Weight Loss Individual Program

Our individual sessions are the most popular weight loss program. In contrast to a group-centered approach, in these sessions we individually address your triggers and emotions that have been causing you to gain weight. Our weight loss program is a 5-session program, and in each session we are working with you personally to overcome challenges and blocks that may be stopping you from reducing the weight completely.

‣ Hypno-Band® Program

Hypno-Band® is a combination of using hypnosis and behavioral changes to help you to understand and change your eating habits. Using hypnosis, a virtual gastric band is fitted to your stomach, causing you to eat less and less often.For more information about the program, visit our Hypno-Band® Page.

Are You An Emotional Eater?

Our weight loss programs are based on the simple fact that if you are carrying a lot of excess weight, you are probably an “EMOTIONAL EATER.” This is someone who eats to suppress emotions. Some of these emotions could be:

  • Boredom
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Loneliness
  • Using Food As A Reward

You Have Tried Everything… How About Hypnosis?

Core Transformation with Tamara Andreas

Core Transformation with Tamara Andreas

November 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2012

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About the Process

Core Transformation takes you on a healing inner journey to the depths of your being. You’ll be guided in simple steps, through which your limitations become the doorway to powerfully transforming states of being that most people describe in terms such as “inner peace” “love” or “oneness.”

Through the Core Transformation process, these states become your new foundation for living. With these states uncovered in the specific way you’ll learn in the training, many limitations melt away, and even deeply-entrenched problems often unravel and dissolve.

See what people are saying about the last Core Transformation workshop:

“I recommend this workshop highly and without reservation…”

“Tamara is tops: In addition to her skill and smarts she projects warmth and caring. Through her extensive experience as a Core Transformation trainer she encompasses all the ins and outs, the variations and challenges, with grace, intelligence, and wisdom.

Three full days gives time for both a thorough presentation and for plenty of experience with all the steps and aspects of the Core Transformation process, as an “explorer” using the process for your own transformation and as a guide for others. The inclusion of a half-day on the Aligned Perceptual Positions process is an added bonus that will expand and enrich your change work even more.

I recommend Core Transformation and this workshop highly and without reservation. It will enhance and expand your change work, both with clients and with yourself, and possibly change your life.” -Donald Pelles, Silver Spring

“An ease in creating and maintaining rapport…”

“I highly recommend Tamara Andreas’s Core Transformation seminar. Tamara creates a supportive and caring environment from the very beginning. The breadth of her knowledge and experience in the process is awesome.

An NLP background is not required, and she demonstrates an ease in creating and maintaining rapport with demonstration clients and the entire class.Her assistants were also well qualified and generous in gently giving suggestions. The student booklet provides complete language patterns to use in guiding the client in the process.” — Mo, Maryland

“Gentleness, Humor, and Individual Assistance.”

“For me, the Core Transformation process initiated a powerful, profound experience. Tamara conducted the group instructions on exercises with gentleness and humor and provided individual assistance when needed. It was an experience of rapid, but long-lasting, change.” – Thada B., Maryland

“A life experience, rather than an intellectual exercise…”

“I attended Tamara Andreas’ Core Transformation Training last Fall. It was one of the best trainings I have attended. The weekend was a life experience rather than an intellectual exercise.

The Washington D.C. Hypnosis Center did an outstanding job putting it all together, especially after a very short notice. Location, food, CEU’s and the level of respect were all above average. All participants were very committed practitioners at different levels of expertise.” — Ana

Join Us for the Core Transformation Process

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How To Choose Hypnosis in Virginia

Getting Hypnosis in Virginia Is Easy…

Finding a Quality Hypnotist Is Not!

An article by Taylor Sherman, CH, CI

Sometimes those wishing to be hypnotized shop around for hypnotists, as if they are commodities. One hypnotist or hypnotherapist is as good as the other one, right? WRONG!

Your hypnotist’s credentials, experience level, approach of techniques, and general personality, can have an enormous impact on the results that you get.

… In fact, it can be the difference between getting your result and feeling fantastic, or going home saying, “I tried hypnosis, but it didn’t work for me.” Use this guide to choose the best hypnotist in Virginia (or Maryland and DC) that meets your needs.

1. Knowledge of Modern Hypnosis Techniques.   You should always query any hypnotist that you are thinking of going to for what types of techniques they use to bring a person into hypnosis. What you want to hear is “Instant Induction,” “Rapid Induction,” or “Dave Elman Induction.”  If they say “Progressive Relaxation” or a variation of someone telling you to relax, it is likely that the person is not very well trained and/or is not up to date on modern hypnosis techniques. Contrary to popular myth, hypnosis is not relaxation.

2. Experience Level.  How long has the hypnotist been doing hypnosis for? While I’ve been practicing hypnosis for over 11 years, I’m surprised that some of my peers start clinical practice after as little as 3 months of experience! Quite honestly, it’s just not enough. You want to look for someone who has been in the hypnosis field for long enough to know their material completely.

3. Training and Credentials.  As a Certified Instructor of Hypnosis, I know exactly what it takes to become a hypnotist, and I know how little training some of the people out there are getting from other schools. For example, did you know that some people can market themselves as hypnotists with as little as 3 days of training?

Look for someone who has been to an in-person approved class, such as a National Guild of Hypnotists training, and who has taken steps to go beyond their training. All of the hypnotists at the Washington DC Hypnosis Center have attended in-person trainings with extensive practice that meet AND exceed the guidelines of the top hypnosis organizations.

To ensure you are getting “the best of the best,” look for someone who has been recognized as a top member of their organization. Both Irit Horn and I have passed the NGH’s Board Certification exam and interview.

4. Respected By Their Peers.  Hypnosis is a profession, just like any other profession. Do other hypnotists respect the person you are going to?  In my first couple years as a hypnotist, one of the things I wanted to make sure to do was to network extensively and earn the trust and respect from some of the big names in the field. I’m proud to say that some of these people have now endorsed our training and services.

5. Passion About Their Work. Coming to a hypnotist should be a great experience. Choose someone who is serious about their work and who is committed to helping you. Ask your hypnotist which books or materials they have found most helpful. Their reference to you should not be a “script book.”

6. Working Out of a Professional Office. Imagine going to your first hypnosis session, not being sure what to expect, and feeling quite puzzled when your directions have taken you to a residential address! As you stumble past the mothballs and navigate around the smelly dishes in the kitchen, you are told to walk up some creaky stairs in the “home office,” and to “relax!”

Nothing could be less relaxing than that scenario! You must make sure that the hypnotist you choose works out of a professional office environment. Your doctor, lawyer, and dentist do not work out of their homes — and neither should your hypnotist.

7. A Compounding Approach. Although hypnosis has been portrayed in the media and television as a miracle done with magic wands, a one-session quick-fix almost never lasts in the long term. If you want the changes to last, the suggestions must be compounded and integrated over multiple sessions.

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I hope that this guide has been informative to you when you are choosing to get hypnosis in Virginia and in surrounding areas. If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Washington DC Hypnosis Center, please give us a call at 703-779-9616 for Virginia or 301-717-1207 for Maryland.